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Welcome to the Epic Saga! Let's make history together! The word has gotten out about CBD and people are hungry to know if CBD could help them. The tide is turning and history is happening now. All of our CBD is manufactured in Colorado by Folium Biosciences using high quality Full-Spectrum Cannabidiol. 

We have launched this brand with 3 top selling CBD products.

 Gummies - Capsules - Tinctures

We are looking for business owners/ambitious entrepreneurs and consumers who feel that CBD is as crucial of a products as we believe it to be. To help celebrate our launch, we are selling all of our Cannabidiol (CBD) at 50% off!

If you are looking for the best wholesale price for CBD in Dallas TX (or anywhere on the internet), Please feel free to Contact Us.


Featured Products

CBD Capsules 10mg
$39.99  $9.99
In Stock.
CBD Capsules 25mg
$99.99  $29.99
Sorry this product is currently Out of Stock
CBD Gummies
Out of Stock.
Peppermint Tincture 1000mg
$149.99  $64.99
In Stock.
Peppermint Tincture 250mg
$44.99  $12.99
In Stock.
Peppermint Tincture 500mg
$74.99  $24.99
In Stock.