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Record Number Of Candidates Say "Legalize It"

Posted by Admin on 11/3/2018 to News

At least twenty one major party politician nominees on U.S. ballots this year support legalizing cannabis, a brand new Marijuana Moment analysis finds. that is way more than have embraced marijuana law reform than in any previous election cycle.

Some of the candidates listed below support legalisation additional forcefully than others. whereas some have created cannabis reform a centerpiece of their campaigns, others looked as if it would embrace ending prohibition solely reluctantly or once ironed on the difficulty.

Beyond those would-be governors World Health Organization area unit job for an entire finish to marijuana prohibition, an oversized variety of further contenders support reforms like lawmaking or medical marijuana, et al say they're hospitable legalisation at some purpose.

While the 2 sitting governors listed below World Health Organization have truly signed marijuana legalisation bills into law area unit Republicans, this review found that Democratic contenders area unit way more probably to support cannabis reform than area unit GOP candidates, maybe a mirrored image of the actual fact that whereas a vacant majority of Republican voters currently support ending prohibition, registered Democrats are additional powerfully in favor for a extended amount of your time, in line with polls.



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