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Mexico Could Make History By Treating CBD Like A Supplement, As It Should Be

Posted by Admin on 7/10/2018 to News

As Mexico transitions to a federal medical marijuana program, lawmakers' leeway toward cannabidiol (CBD) could help the so-called "miracle" compound become as common and low-drama as vitamins and minerals.

Doctors Speak Out About How CBD Oil Will Revolutionize Medicine if Hemp is Legalized

Posted by Admin on 7/9/2018 to News

“More people will be saved by CBD oil than surgery.” Heart surgeon claims CBD is the “most important” medicine ever discovered for treating cancer, diabetes, heart attack and more

CBD and Addiction

Posted by Admin on 7/6/2018 to News

There is a small but growing body of evidence that suggests cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating component of cannabis, can aid in addiction recovery due to its effects on memory.