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What is State Question 788?

Posted by Admin on 6/27/2018 to News

State Question 788 legalizes medical marijuana in Oklahoma. The following text was authored by the people of Oklahoma. Hundreds of voices and dozens of authors across the state of Oklahoma shaped 788 through public meetings and online discussions. Much of the concepts here were borrowed from other states that have implemented successful medical cannabis access programs.

Its very exciting times we are living in! The veil is being lifted, the prohibitionists are losing the infowar in this information age! The people of Oklahoma have decided to legalize Medical Cannabis by a margin of 57%. This sure does change the game! Measure 788 is so broad that many legislators came out against it because it doesn't define a list of qualifying ailments. So doctors are free to prescribe cannabis when they see fit. Some lawmakers feel that #measure788 pretty much legalizes recreational cannabis.

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