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Will the Trump administration legalize Marijuana?

Posted by Admin on 11/5/2018 to News

So we find the US in at a cross-roads. Do we continue to keep marijuana federally illegal and deny banking to the current and future cannabis businesses? Or do we finally, I mean finally stop arresting honest, hard-working Americans for a plant that is common as apple pie? We all know the answer is the latter. No longer do people need to fear the police beating them and locking them in a cage... its time to change. 

And who would think that the Trump administration would even touch the issue, or go as far as legalizing Cannabis! I would of thought Barack Obama would of legalized marijuana. Things started to open up, but not many federal politicians really have stood up the the prohibition of cannabis. However Trump has said that he will address the issue after the midterms. we'll see. 

So between the Supreme Court overturning marijuana prohibition in Mexico and Canada running out of legal weed to sell in less than a month, what would the beginning of a cannabis boom look like in North America? Take a look at Measure 3in North Dakota; this legislation (if passed) does away with ANY written law prohibiting cannabis! That state is about to wipe the slate clean to develop new "common-sense" legislation from the ground up! 

Check out my video analysis on YouTube regarding the hissy fit the state dept is having: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=purtVkFWlE4&t=6s

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