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Hempettes have been delayed until further notice (Jan 2019)

Posted by Admin on 10/9/2018 to News

The Hempettes have been delayed until further notice. The brand we were going to carry, was taking part of one of the Seven Deadly Sins...GREED.

They wanted to increase the wholesale price by almost 200%! Because they think, "Well, we are they only ones selling them..." I'm sorry, I'm all for capitalism, but these guys hire illegal immigrants at their warehouse - so they can PAY LESS than minimum wage AND on the other end, wanted to f*ck the customer where they just get to double their money, while the manufacture makes 25X their investment!

Talk about syphoning the money all the way to the top! That's just crony capitalism! The way I want it structured is where EVERYONE can profit and we can all lift ourselves out of poverty!

 How many first time entrepreneurs need to help their moms with rent and bills? How many future Hemp Hustlers are looking into making an extra couple thousand a month in order to pay off their debt or start investing for retirement? How many people are struggling with cigarette addiction and desperately in need of an alternative???

I want to help as many entrepreneurs achieve The American Dream as I possibly can! I want to help people make the switch from tobacco to hemp so they can finally be free of nicotine addiction... So in order to do that, we have to secure the supply and distribution before we launch our brand and offer amazing wholesale and retail prices! So be sure to follow us on Instagram and Youtube for more recent updates! And By-golly, purchase some CBD @ 50% off! 

Luv you all!



Christopher Murphy
Date: 11/2/2018
I want to purchase hempettes. Please send me a link. My wife lost 187lbs 5 years ago using cannabis but quite a year ago due to getting her CDL lisence. She has fibromyalgia and I think these would help her out alot. Thank you Chris Murphy
Date: 11/2/2018
Sorry, butI need to update this post. The Hempettes have been delayed until January 2019. We are creating our own brand and it takes time to secure the resources. Follow us on Instagram for more recent news.

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