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Hemp is moving Cannabis to an indoor crop in Oregon

Posted by Admin on 2/19/2019 to News
It seems Oregon is experiencing something that no one expected. Since the legalization of hemp last December, hundreds of people are starting to jump on the band wagon. So much so that it is beginning to effect the current cannabis market. In this Forbes article, it pretty much explains how the onslaught of hemp production in the state is forcing cannabis growers indoor because of "pollination". You see, cannabis growers need un-pollinated female plants in order to produce a high end product. But if you have hemp growers within to 1 to 30 miles away from your cannabis crop, your female plants have a huge chance of getting pollinated and ruining your crop! So hemp production will ultimately force these growers indoors....which means....Better Weed! 
(Maybe hydroponics will make a comeback, we'll see)

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