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Hemp Cigarettes are Here!

Posted by Admin on 12/31/2018 to News

I am So Excited to start off 2019 with a brand new product like these Hemp Cigarettes! I personally haven't had a tobacco cigarette since I first tried smoking these 4 months ago. For those of you who have been following me, you know I have been waiting since Sept to get these in!

We finally found a small company on Instagram called Hempsmokes out in Oregon. Good Folks out there. We only placed a small order right now because we don't really have the web traffic to invest a lot of money yet, but lets hope 2019 will be a banger year now that hemp is legal nationwide.

We have 2 kinds of Hemp Cigarettes available: Menthol & Regular flavor. Each hemp cigarette may have up to 110mg of CBD and is made of 100% hemp flower. The hemp flower is bright green and has (in my opinion) a delightful smell and a smooth taste...you will be impressed.

They sell for $20/pack, we will have cartons available later this year. Hurry up and purchase yours soon! These babies are going to sell like Hotcakes!


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